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Air Quality Monitoring
Indoor Air Quality Data Logger
CO2, Humidity & Temperature Display
Handheld CO2, Humidity & Temperature Meter
C60 Compact Autoclave
QCS V150 Autoclave
QCS H150 Autoclave
Q63 320 Autoclave
RSC 450 Autoclave
Pass Through Autoclaves
C40 Benchtop Autoclave
H60 Benchtop Autoclave
Adam Highland Portable Precision Range
Adam Core Compact Portable Range
Ohaus Explorer Analytical Range
Ohaus Explorer Precision Range
Ohaus Adventurer Analytical Range
Ohaus Adventurer Precision Range
Ohaus Scout STX Portable Range
Ohaus Pioneer Analytical Range
Ohaus Pioneer Precision Range
Ohaus PR Series Precision
Ohaus Scout SKX Portable Range
Adam Cruiser Bench Checkweighing Scales
Adam Dune Portable Compact Balances
Ohaus PR Series Analytical
Adam Astro Portioning Scale
BOD Measurement
OxiTop-i IS 6 Respirometric BOD Measuring System
Cement Testing
Frontier 5000 Series Mini
Frontier 5000 Series Micro
Benchtop Centrifuge, Cooled
Frontier 5000 Series Multi
Benchtop Centrifuge, Heated
Benchtop Centrifuge, Unheated
Micro Star 12 Microcentrifuge
Frontier 5000 Series Multi Pro
Density Meters
DMA 500 Benchtop Density Meter
Generation M Benchtop Density Meters
DMA 35 Portable Density Meter (intrinsically safe)
EasyPlus Density Meter
Densito Portable Density Meter
Excellence Density Meters
DA model Benchtop Density Meter
DMA 35 Portable Density Meter
DMA 4200 M Petroleum Density Meter
Fume Cabinets
Ductless Fume Cabinets
Chemical Dispensing Station
Fume Hood for Education
Sample Preparation Workstation
Powder Weighing Station
Ventilated Chemical Storage
Gas Detection
Hotplates & Stirrers
Temperature Controller
Mulitposition Hotplate Stirrer
Large Capacity Hotplate Stirrers
Digital Hotplate Stirrers
Infra Red Hotplate Stirrer
Digital Hotplate
Large Capacity Hotplates
Infra Red Hotplate
Multiposition Magnetic Stirrer
Large Capacity Magnetic Stirrer
Humidity & Temp Monitoring
Humidity & Temperature Data Loggers
HygroPalm Handheld Indicators
Karl Fischer Titrators
SRT6 Analogue Roller Mixers
SRT9 Analogue Roller Mixers
SRT6D Digital Roller Mixers
SRT9D Digital Roller Mixers
SSM1 Orbital Shaker
SSL1 Orbital Shakers
SSL2 Reciprocating Shaker
SSM4 See-Saw Rocker
SSL4 See-Saw Rocker
SF1 Flask Shaker
SA8 Vortex Mixer
SA7 Vortex Mixer
SS10 Overheard Stirrer
SS20 Overhead Stirrer
SS30 Overhead Stirrer
Moisture Analysers
Ohaus Grain Moisture Analyser
Ohaus MB Moisture Analysers
Adam PMB Moisture Analyser
Mud Testing
Core Testing
Low Pressure Filtration
HTHP Filtration
Frac Testing
Mixers & Blenders
Test Kits
Density & Viscosity
Nitrogen Generators
High Purity Nitrogen for GC
High Flow Nitrogen for LCMS
Oil Analysis
MiniLab series
Oil in Water Analysers
InfraCal 2 TRANS-SP
Ovens and Incubators
General Purpose Vertical Lab Oven
General Purpose Horizontal Lab Oven
General Purpose Vertical Lab Incubator
General Purpose Horizontal Lab Incubator
Dual Purpose Vertical Oven Incubator
Dual Purpose Horizontal Oven Incubator
pH, Conductivity & DO
MT SevenCompact S230 Conductivity Meter
MT FiveGo F3 Conductivity Meter
MT FiveGo F4 Dissolved Oxygen Meter
MT SevenExcellence S470 Multiparameter Meter
MT SevenGo Duo SG23 Multiparameter Meter
MT FiveEasy pH/mV Meter
MT SevenCompact S220 pH Meter
MT FiveGo F2 pH/mV Meter
Hanna Portable Multi-range Conductivity Meter
Hanna Handheld Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Hanna Handheld Water Resistant Multi-Range Conductivity Meter
Hanna Edge Bench Conductivity Meter
Hanna Bench Top pH Meter
Hanna Handheld Water Resistant pH Meter with Automatic Calibration
Hanna pH Electrode - Glass Body
Hanna pH Electrode - Plastic Body
Hanna Portable pH/EC/TDS/Temperature Meter
Hanna Pocket Conductivity / TDS / Temp Water Resistant Tester
Hanna Handheld Multiparameter EC/TDS/degC/NaCl
Hanna Handheld Water Resistant pH/EC/TDS/C Combined Meter
Hanna Edge Multi, pH, EC and DO Bench Meter
Hanna Edge Bench pH and mV Meter
Hanna Pocket Checker1 pH Tester
Hanna pHep Pocket pH Tester
Hanna Pocket Water Resistant pH Tester
Hanna Portable Extended Range pH/ORP Meter
Checktemp Electronic Thermometer
Checktemp1 Pocket Thermometer
MT SevenDirect SD20 pH Meter
Hanna Edge Dedicated Parameter Meters
MT SevenDirect SD50 pH / ion Meter
MT SevenDirect SD30 Conductivity Meter
MT SevenDirect SD23 pH / Conductivity Meter
Pocket Colorimeter II LCK
Pocket Colorimeter II
DR 900 Robust Portable Datalogging Colorimeter
DR 1900 Portable Spectrophotometer with Mains Kit
DR 3900 Spectrophotometer with RFID Technology
DR 6000 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer with RFID Technology
Finnpipette F2 Variable Volume
Finnpipette F2 Fixed Volume
Transferpette S Variable Volume
Transferpette S Fixed Volume
Mini Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps
Chemical Resistant Single-head Vacuum Pumps
Chemical Resistant Twin-head Vacuum Pumps
Chemical Resistant Self-Drying Vacuum Pumps
Liquid Transfer Pumps
Spark-free Refrigerators
Spark-free Freezers
Cooled Incubators
Sample and Reagent Fridges
Temperature Measurement
Catering Thermometer Kits
Waterproof Digital Thermometer
Precision UKAS-certified PT100 Thermometer
RayTemp 3 Infrared Thermometer
Digital Thermometer Calibrator
Industrial Thermometer Kits
Superfast Thermapen 4
Superfast Thermapen 3
Aquamax Karl Fischer Titrators
Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator
Aquamax KF PRO LPG
Aquamax KF PRO Oil
Volumetric Sulfur Titrator
TAN TBN Titrator
Ultrasonic Baths
USC T Range Unheated Digital Ultrasonic Baths
XUB Range Digital Heated Ultrasonic Baths
XUBA Range Analogue Ultrasonic Baths
USC TH Range Heated Digital Ultrasonic Baths
Water Activity Measurement
HygroPalm HP23-AW-A Portable Analyser
Water Baths & Circulators
LT ecocool Refrigerated / Heating Circulator Baths
TX150 Advanced Digital Heated Circulator
TXF200 Advanced Digital Heated Circulator
Steel Heated Circulating Baths with TX150 Circulator
Steel Heated Circulating Baths with TXF200 Circulator
SUB Aqua Pro Unstirred Water Baths
JB Nova Unstirred Water Baths
General Purpose Heated Circulator
Steel Heated Circulating Baths with T100 Circulator
Steel Heated Circulating Baths with TC120 Circulator
Refrigerated Baths and Circulators R4R Series
Refrigerated Baths and Circulators R5R Series
Water Chemistry
Hach SL1000 Portable Parallel Analyser