TXF200 Advanced Digital Heated Circulator

Manufacturer: Grant Instruments

The Grant Optima™ TXF200 is a high-performance, programmable digital heating circulator with a full colour QVGA TFT screen displaying actual and set temperature and clear status icons. Intuitive screen icons and menus allow fast set-up of multiple parameters and provide precision control for both routine and sophisticated temperature-controlled applications in the range of -50 to 200ºC.

Data Sheet
Code Description Quantity
TFX200 TFX200 advanced digital circulator, W120 x D172 x H345 mm, temperature range ambient +5°C to 200°C, temperature stability ±0.01°C, LED display, advanced programmability, 5 point calibration, integrated pump, USB/RS232, 230V 50/60Hz
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