HygroPalm HP23-AW-A Portable Analyser

Manufacturer: Rotronic

It can be very useful to measure water activity in production or storage rooms, e.g. inspection of bulk materials to ensure they meet specifications. The HygroPalm 23-AW-A is ideal for measuring water activity in production processes such as random checks of cheese, meat, tobacco, building materials, animal feeds, bakery products, paper, medicines, horticulture, agriculture, etc. The HygroPalm HP23-AW-A offers the perfect solution for on-site water activity measurements to confirm product stability and indicate shelf life.

Data Sheet
Code Description Quantity
HygroPalm HP23-AW-A HygroPalm HP23-AW-A Portable Water Activity Analyser, range of application -10…60 °C (14…140 °F) / 0…1 Aw / 0…100 %RH, parameters shown Aw, % RH, °C, °F, 10000 value data logging memory, Single or multiple point for relative humidity & temperature.
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