Aquamax Karl Fischer Titrators

Manufacturer: ECH Scientific

Aquamax KF Plus coulometric titrators have been specifically designed for the determination of water content in oils and fuels, combining coulometry with the Karl Fischer method. These robust, reliable and simple-to-use units conform to standards for water determination (DIN 51777, ASTM D 1364, ASTM D 1533, ASTM D 4377, ASTM E 203, IP 356, IP 471, ISO 10336, ISO 6296) and can be used in-lab with the standard Plus model, or in the field using the Portable model. The Aquamax KF Reagent Kit provides a 'single shot' solution to reagent wastage.

Data Sheet
Code Description Quantity
90.18.0001 Aquamax KF Plus, coulometric, Measuring range: Possible 1µg - 200mg water Typical 1µg - 10mg water, Moisture range: 1ppm - 100% water, high speed thermal printer, complete with a unique Low Drift Cell glassware pack comprising titration vessel, generator electrode, detector electrode, desiccant tube and all necessary leads, septa, caps & fittings.
90.18.0002 Aquamax KF Portable, specification as per the Plus model, but housed in a rugged case, and with a 12V DC car adapter for measurements in the field.
303.18.0002 Aquamax KF Reagent Kit (8 x 100ml anode plus 8 x 5ml cathode)
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