Transferpette S Fixed Volume

Manufacturer: Brand

The piston-operated pipettes Transferpette® S from BRAND are the perfect manual pipettes for the most demanding applications in the lab! They include all of the features requested by Life Science users: rugged construction, one-hand volume adjustment, complete autoclavability, highest precision, and Easy Calibration™ technology for convenient, long-term reliability.

Data Sheet
Code Description Quantity
704708 Volume 10µL, Accuracy +/- 1%, Model F-10
704716 Volume 20µL, Accuracy +/- 0.8%, Model F-20
704720 Volume 25µL, Accuracy +/- 0.8%, Model F-25
704728 Volume 50µL, Accuracy +/- 0.8%, Model F-50
704738 Volume 100µL, Accuracy +/- 0.6%, Model F-100
704744 Volume 200µL, Accuracy +/- 0.6%, Model F-200
704754 Volume 500µL, Accuracy +/- 0.6%, Model F-500
704762 Volume 1000µL, Accuracy +/- 0.6%, Model F-1000
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