Aquamax KF Volumetric Titrator

Manufacturer: GR Scientific

• Simple to use – intuitive keypad and function display
• Easy operation with predefined methods and calculations – perfect for routine users
• Programmable – pre-programmed methods installed with editable options
• 2x 5ml syringes – one for KF reagent and the other for automatic dosing of water standard (second syringe can also be used different factor reagent or special reagents for ketones and amines analysis)
• Fully automated system means there is no opening of the titration cell nor waiting on long conditioning times
• Results expressed in ppm, mg/l and %
• Automatic rest cycle (stand-by mode) if not used for 15 minutes
• Bidirectional connection port to printer, PC or balance with RS232C
• Compact thermal printer available for GLP compliant paper recording
• Data logger can store up to 55 analysis results

Data Sheet
Code Description Quantity
910000 Aquamax KF Volumetric Titrator, Measuring ranges: 0.1 mg up to 100% water
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