Aquamax KF Portable Titrator

Manufacturer: GR Scientific

Water content determination by Karl Fischer titration is no longer restricted to being used by a chemist in a laboratory – now the technique is used by engineers, plant operators, tanker drivers, distribution/maintenance engineers and other non-laboratory personnel. Karl Fischer titrations can now be performed in many different locations such as the tailgate of trucks, mobile laboratories, offshore installations, tankers, engineering workshops and dockside cabins.

The Aquamax KF Portable is a specialised version of the very successful Aquamax KF Coulometer which has built-in carry handle and protection cage around the titration vessel and electrodes. The unique low drift cell glassware design is by far the easiest to use and also the most robust. The electrode locking system allows the joints to seal completely, without the use of grease or PTFE sleeves, and provides improved baseline stability. Hassle free assembly and disassembly. This cell design enables users to transport the instrument with reagents already in the titration cell so that it can be used immediately on arrival.

Data Sheet
Code Description Quantity
710002 Aquamax KF Portable, coulometric, Measuring range: Possible 1µg - 200mg water Typical 1µg - 10mg water, Moisture range: 1ppm - 100% water, high speed thermal printer, complete with a unique Low Drift Cell glassware pack comprising titration vessel, generator electrode, detector electrode and accessories. Enclosed within stainless steel protection cage with carrying handle.
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