Mulitposition Hotplate Stirrer

Manufacturer: Stuart Equipment

Three independently controlled stirring/heating positions. Separate "Hot" warning lights for each plate. Powerful magnets for strong magnetic coupling. A space saving and economical unit with 3 independent heating/stirring positions in a footprint only 600 x 270mm. Easily accommodates 3 x 2 litre beakers. Unit only requires one power point and is ideal for quality control applications where multiple samples require simultaneous heating and stirring, under the same conditions.

Data Sheet
Code Description Quantity
SB162-3 Hotplate stirrer, 3 position, analogue, aluminium plates each 160 x 160mm, heater power 3 x 700W, max plate temperature 325°C, stirrer speed 100 - 1500 rpm, 230V 50-60Hz
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