Chemical Dispensing Station

Manufacturer: Bigneat

Designed for the safe dispensing of toxic liquids, such as Formaldehyde, the system utilises Chemcap carbon filtration for the retention and removal of chemical vapours. The stainless steel-based enclosure incorporates a tap for dispensing, and cup-sink drainage. The cupboard below houses a 25-litre capacity aspirator bottle connected to the cup-sink above, and an electric pump, connected by tubing to the tap within the enclosure. Externally, a guarded foot switch is provided and pre-wired to the electric pump.

Data Sheet
Code Description Quantity
FD 8004 Ductless fume cabinet for chemical dispensing, complete with enclosure, dispensing tap, cup-sink, lower cupboard, electric foot-controlled pump, and 25 litre aspirator bottle. 819 x 560 x 1985 mm external, 770 x 520 x 810 mm internal.
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