DA model Benchtop Density Meter

Manufacturer: Kyoto Electronics (KEM)

Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing (KEM) is a renowned specialist for density measurement. The DA range of Density Meters is the result of 3 decades of experience in manufacturing Digital Density Meters and the market experience gained in close cooperation with customers. It combines the most recent measuring technology with an intuitive user interface in a robust housing.

Data Sheet
Code Description Quantity
DA-640 Benchtop density meter, model DA-640, Measuring range 0.0000 … 3.0000 g/cm³, Resolution 0.0001 g/cm³, Limit of error 0.0001g/cm³, Temperature range 0 ... 96 °C
DA-645 Benchtop density meter, model DA-645, Measuring range 0.00000 … 3.00000 g/cm³, Resolution 0.00001 g/cm³, Limit of error 0.00005g/cm³, Temperature range 0 ... 96 °C
DA-650 Benchtop density meter, model DA-645, Measuring range 0.000000 … 3.000000 g/cm³, Resolution 0.000001 g/cm³, Limit of error 0.00002g/cm³, Temperature range 0 ... 96 °C
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