62 Super Sucker

Manufacturer: Handler Mfg

Designed to provide maximum suction capacity, the No.62 Super Sucker develops 225 CFM suction capacity through two top inlets. Dust and grindings are entrapped in a removable, disposable paper filter. A secondary polyester filter entraps finer dusts. A third filter made of activated charcoal removes up to 75% of acrylic monomer odours. Shipped complete with two fishmouths, two four foot sections of 3” (7.6cm) flexihose and four clamps, this unit is an excellent addition to the smaller laboratory. The 62 Super Sucker is not for use with aluminium oxide and is designed for intermittent use. 230v / 50Hz with a 2 pin plug. 3 pin plug option available. Shipping weight 16kg. Dimensions 37x22x44cm.


Unused customer return. Perfect working order.


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2307647 Model 62 Super Sucker - for dust and grindings entrapment. Unused customer return, perfect working order. Clearance price £290.00
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