Benchtop Centrifuge, Heated

Manufacturer: Hettich

The ROTOFIX 46 H is the ideal centrifuge for research and industrial laboratories. It has a wide range of accessories for routine applications and also enables special tasks to be tackled. This centrifuge can accommodate a number of special tubes, including ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) tubes. It can therefore be used to perform ASTM tests. The sample tubes can be centrifuged at the specified temperatures in the heatable ROTOFIX 46 H to carry out the standardized crude oil test procedure. Temperatures of up to 90°C can be reached with this centrifuge. Please contact us with specific requirements.

Data Sheet
Code Description Quantity
4600-50 Rotofix 46H, heated benchtop centrifuge, without rotor (see below), can be heated up to + 90 °C, dimensions H345 x W538 x D647 mm, weight 60kg, 220V
4474 Swing-out rotor, 4-place, for 4 x ASTM tubes
4275 Carrier (bucket) for 4474 rotor - 4 required per rotor
0771 Carrier insert, for 100ml pear-shaped ASTM tubes - 4 required per rotor
4277 Carrier insert, for 6" 100ml conical-shaped ASTM tubes - 4 required per rotor
4276 Carrier insert, for 8" 100ml conical-shaped ASTM tubes - 4 required per rotor
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