Benchtop Centrifuge, Cooled

Manufacturer: Hettich

The ROTANTA 460 R enables efficient centrifugation in research and analytical laboratories. The centrifuge enables centrifugation times to be reduced substantially and is a reliable workhorse for high sample volumes and ideal for high-throughput screening. Its high-performance cooling ensures that the selected temperature is maintained. Samples from 1.5ml to 750ml can be spun. Please contact us with specific requirements.

Data Sheet
Code Description Quantity
5660 Rotanta 460 R, cooled benchtop centrifuge, temperature control -20 to +40°C, dimensions 456H x 770W x 706D mm, weight 141kg, 200-240V 50Hz
4474 Swing-out rotor, 4-place, for 4 x ASTM tubes
4275 Carrier (bucket) for 4474 rotor - 4 required per rotor
0771 Carrier insert, for 100ml pear-shaped ASTM tubes - 4 required per rotor
4277 Carrier insert, for 6" 100ml conical-shaped ASTM tubes - 4 required per rotor
4276 Carrier insert, for 8" 100ml conical-shaped ASTM tubes - 4 required per rotor
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