Ohaus Scout STX Portable Range

Manufacturer: Ohaus

Designed for use in laboratory, industrial or education applications, the OHAUS Scout® STX features easy-to-use operation, full colour 4.3 inch touchscreen, multiple weighing units, four application modes, and the option of either RS232 or USB connectivity. Mains or battery operated, the Scout STX provides fast weighing with reliable results. See specification sheet for full details.


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Data Sheet
Code Description Quantity
30253058 STX123, 93mm pan, 120g x 0.001g
30253059 STX223, 93mm pan, 220g x 0.001g
30253060 STX222, 120mm pan, 220g x 0.01g
30253061 STX422, 120mm pan, 420g x 0.01g
30253062 STX622, 120mm pan, 620g x 0.01g
30253063 STX1202, 170mm x 140mm pan, 1200g x 0.01g
30253064 STX2202, 170mm x 140mm pan, 2200g x 0.01g
30253065 STX421, 120mm pan, 420g x 0.1g
30253066 STX621, 170mm x 140mm pan, 620g x 0.1g
30253067 STX2201, 170mm x 140mm pan, 2200g x 0.1g
30253068 STX6201, 170mm x 140mm pan, 6200g x 0.1g
30253069 STX8200, 170mm x 140mm pan, 8200g x 1g
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