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WTW OxiTop® BOD Self-check Measurement


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Mercury-free BOD Determination with OxiTop® IS and OxiTop® Control


Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) determination is one of the most important parameters in water resource management, and is used to evaluate the impact of biodegradable substances in waters and wastewater. With its OxiTop® systems, WTW offers a unique, modular and mercury-free instrument system, suitable not only for BOD determination, but also for measuring biodegradability and depletion.



Complete packages for 6 or 12 simultaneous measurements


Measurement using OxiTop® is based on pressure measurement in a closed system: microorganisms in the sample consume the oxygen and form CO2; the CO2 is absorbed by NaOH, creating a vacuum that can be measured as a mg/l BOD value. The sample volume used regulates the amount of oxygen available for a complete BOD. Measurement ranges of up to 4,000 mg/l can be measured using different volumes.


The OxiTop® Thermostat box, with forced air circulation for 20°C, is a compact, precise and stylish way to store, stir and accurately incubate up to 12 OxiTop® bottles.


Until the end of March 2018*, you can save 25% on the list price of complete IS and Control packages, with a 20% discount on the OxiTop® Box.


Visit the ‘BOD Measurement’ section of our website or contact for further details, quoting ‘OxiTop promo’.


*valid only for approved purchase orders received by Friday 30th March 2018