Anton Paar Snap 50

Manufacturer: Anton Paar

The portable alcohol meter Snap 50 measures distilled spirits in all strengths within seconds: from pure distilled spirits to samples taken during watering down to drinkable strength and ready-to-drink spirits. A few milliliters of sample are taken from the storage tank or cask and measured directly on-site. The alcohol meter automatically compensates the temperature influence on the result and shows the alcohol concentration with an accuracy of 0.1 % v/v on the large display. There is no need for any extra calculations – just read off the values, store them or send them to a PC

Data Sheet
Code Description Quantity
Snap 50 Measuring Range 0 % v/v to 100 % v/v, Accuracy 0.1 % v/v, Repeatability 0.05 % v/v, 2ml sample volume, 1024 test data memory, plus sugar concentration measurement.
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